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Limano is 538 meters above sea level,13 kilometers from Bagni di Lucca.The village is extended on a rocky surface which looks down on the Valle di Lima,the view from here is fantastic.This antique fortress was built to defend the valley from any attacks.

The History
The village is remembered in parchments of the years 893 and 943 like a village of the population of Vico Pancellorum.It was property of the Suffredinghi family and passed to the town of Lucca in 1209 when all the elderly of the village went to Lucca to swear loyalty in name of all the village.In the 14thcentury the fortress was armed so the republic could defent itself from attacks from the florentines. In 1428 the florentines took possession of all the land in the parish except Lucchio.In 1441 a peace agreement was made between Lucca and Florence that lasted 50 years and that Florence had to return all the land and castles to Lucca.Alot of economic importance came from this as wood for burning and coal was made and sold. At the beginning of the 19thcentury silver crystal was found but the mines were quickly closed. The parish church to San Martino was completed in the year 1776, and extended in 1908.Theres a statue of the Virgin Mary conserved here,the organ is of the first half of the 19thcentury.Another church is dedicated to the Madonna delle Grazie just outside the village was built with local limestone.It was built in the 17thcentury with the remains of the old church that fell down because of the bad foundations.The entrance is covered by an arcade on four pillars covered with slates.Inside theres a portrait of the Madonna delle Grazie,patron saint of Limano.The village square named ‘Gave’ has a stone fountain of the 16thcentury, is the setting for the feast day on the 1st August, riuniting all locals and friends from other villages.The highlight of the evening is when the young people of the village dress up in traditional costumes and dance.

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