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Brandeglio is 640 meters above sea level to reach Brandeglio take the crossroad on the statale del brennero at Pian dell’ospedaletto 9 kilometers from Bagni di Lucca. One can see the beauty and feel the charm of Brandeglio only when one aarives.The view of Crasciana and Casabasciana are wonder ful.In the square there’s a chapel dedicated to the Madonna delle Grazie the fountain of the village has a inscription by F.Cianelli,the first world war monument.The bell tower gathers around it all the village.It’s name comes from the noble roman Blandius even thoughsomeone says it comes fron the Lombard Brand spade the spade is in the coat of arms of the village.

The History
Brandeglio is remembered in a few parchments from Lucca dated in the years 918,950 and 985 like the village of the population of San Quirico e Giulietta of Casabasciana. It was a stronghold of the Lupari family until they where baned from the territory by the town of Lucca.It became part of the parish of Val di Lima, it became unruly that  in the 15th century the vicar confined some inhabitants to Maremma. In the municipal records ther are files of the comunity, though many where lost, theres only one statute of rights from the files of the state  of Lucca dated 1772 The parish church is dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta it has three aisles and an antique baptism fountain. The organ dates from the 17th century.In 1902 the company Poali rearranged the organ but left untouched the sound system.Below the village theres ruins of the church dedicated to San Michele o il Spirito Santo, this was probably the old parish church of Brandeglio.It was inhabitated until the 16th century by a hermit, but even in that period needed ristructuring.There used to be a procession the day after pentacost butbtoday it just ruins.

Famous People
Father Raffaello Iacomini (1785-1844),missonary
Monsignor Filippo Franceshini(1924-1988)-bishop of Padova and member of the CEI.

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