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Laying between the Appenine Mountains giving a semblance of a climatic mountain resort in spite of it’s 152 meters above sea level, prefectly intergrated by the River Lima and Serchio, from which the Valley takes it name, it can be considered an oasi of peace and serenity.Decentralized from the traffic which reaches the nearby Lucca(27kms) and Versilia(48kms).With all these characteristics helped by the friendliness of the population and the good climate it’s an ideale place for tourists and visitors. The Thermal Spa is well known and has been in function for many years helping to cure illnesses, it’s in a pleasent setting with cool and healthy air. The nature and art of the valley helps to give a more comfortable and pleasant stay, the thermal spa is probably better than many other famous ones. Antonio Mazzarossa describes Bagni di Lucca in his “Guida ai luoghi più importanti dei Ducato”(The guide to the most important places in the Dukedom) of 1843: “We can say nothing has practically changed the nature,the plesant places, the beautiful views so everything enchants you.” Heinrich Heine in his Reisebilder writes: “In Bagni di Lucca the houses rise in a village surrounded by highground, where a picturesque group of houses look down on an enchanted valley.There are houses scattered here and there to reach them one has to climb through vineyards,myrtle bushes, honeysuckle, laurel, oleander, geranium and other splendid flowers in brief a real paradise.” Elisabeth Stisted in her letters “from the bye-ways of Italy” wrote about her stay like this:” We have to give good details of the happy valley where we now have our residence and have passed many summers and a few winters to keep in our memories with our books in rich tranquillity. The clean air of the valley is helped by the rapid stream that flows down the mountian purifing it.The stream that flows on the rock bed at the foot of our garden helps us to live well, surronded by cypress and laurel trees and flowers that grow on all the window-sills.” The poet Nicolaj Platonovic Ogaev writes to a lady friend on the 31st of May 1843:“Please come here.I want to see you - but also because Bagni di Lucca is one of the most beautiful places in Italy. I’m staying in a villa in the hills in Bagno Caldo - Casa Pierini. I walk everyday for 15 minutes in pleasant places with rich vegatation. Life is calm and i’ve got something in my soul….” Known from the antique romans, the Thermal Spa of Bagni di Lucca became renown in the 11th century, epoca of the countess Matilde di Canossa and became one of the largest spa’s in Europe. In the19th century lots of english and swiss tourists arrived in Tuscany. The english were the first to discover the therapeutic properties of these waters, some made it there homeland. The historian Cesare Sardi says that in the roads of Bagni di Lucca in the 800’s one could find noblemen and women with common people. Lots of noblemen and diplomats from all over Europe could be found because of the court of Lucca and the Grandduchy of Tuscany.Lots of illustrious people came to visit like the french philosopher Michel de Montagne in 1581, the poets George Gordon Byron, Bysshe Percy Shelley, Guiseppe Giusti, Heinrich Heine, Giosuè Carducci, Giovanni Pascoli, Eugenio Montale(author of the famous poem “Bagni di Lucca”), Louise de la Ramèe(Ouida), novelists Charles Lever, Francis Marion Crawford, Alexander Dumas(father), musicians like Johann Strauss, Franz Litz, Niccolò Paganini, Giacomo Puccini, Pietro Ma scagni, Guiseppe Verdi, politions and reigning people like the Napoleonidi, Charles Montesquieu, la Regina Margherita, Massimo D’Azeglio, Galeazzo Ciano, Vittorio Emanuele I di Savoia,religious people like San Luigi Gonzaga and Santa Gemma Galgani.The testimony of this was that in the last century it became one of the most famous health resorts in Europe, when in Bagni di Lucca an english church and cimitery was built and also the chapel and hospital Demidoff, the casino(first in Europe), il Circolo dei Forestieri and numerous villas surrounded by parks. There are also alot of mountain villages rich with tradition,history and legends many with churches.

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