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Cocciglia is 353 meters above sea level,9 kilometers form Bagni di Lucca it found by travelling along the ss12 Brennero until one reaches the Scesta.Just before one arrives at the village theres an oratory dedicated to San Michele of the 13thcentury and its cemetry.At cocciglia one passes through a gate called Chiarello(a mediaeval hero),one enters a fortress,slots and small windows are still visable, now they have been closed to construct houses.On the state road theres a bridge called Ponte Nero and an oratory of San Rocco dated 1532. From the bridge there is a view of the Straits of Cocciglia(Strette di Cocciglia) stone that has been woren away by the Lima and has created this stricking canyon.

The History
Cocciglia is first remembered in a parchment of 985 as a village of the population of Casabasciana.It’s name derives from a late roman settler Caucilius o Cocilius.It was in possession of the Lupari family of Bennabio and it followed their fate.Cocciglia was a defence outpoost for the villages in the Controneria and Corsena.There was always rivalry between Cocciglia and Palleggio and a legend tells that in one of these conflicts Chiarello was killed near a bridge called Ponte Vecchio.The parish church is consecrated to San Bartolomeo it has only one aisle but the bell tower is a masterpiece made with an arch which is based on two shelves,one enbeded in the doorway and the other in the wall of the priests house situated opposite the bell tower.The organ in the church bears an inscription by pen and dates 1860. One can also see the remains of the tuff walls that once surrounded the village.

Famous People
Chiarello - lived in an undefined period and was killed by the population of Palleggio and there hero Palledoro.

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