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Pieve di Monti di Villa

Pieve di Monte di Villa is situated 476 meters above sea level and is 9 kilometers from Bagni di Lucca, passing through Ponte a Serraglio, taking the junction at “La Cova” and then passing Granaiola.Before the village rthere is a place called Castello were Villa Terenzana once stood, there are also visable some ruins.Via Fillungo cuts in two the village on this road there are antique buildings. At the beginning of the village the most important building is “Casa Gabrielli” of the 16th century.At the Pieve there is the birthplace of Adamo Lucchesi.The view of the Camaione valley is beautiful. In a few parchments of the 11th century we find the name Villa and in a document of 1047 Villa becomes united with Terenzana, from Terentius the owner of the land. The Pieve di Villa Terenzana had six churches under it: Bugnano, Lugnano, Granaiola, Montefegatesi, Tereglio, Messano(place not known) and the hospital of Cabbi.The Division of Paleopathology of the University of Pisa in 2002 until 2006 made a few excavations to study in depth the archaeology.If one wants to know the results go to :

The History
The Pieve is dedicated to San Giovanni Battista and was built in 1446, in 1760 and 1776 it was remodernized. From the antique construction in the 12th century an apse only remains.The last repairs where in 1929. There is only one aisle, the base of the bell tower is quiet antique, but the top part was built in 1892; with three bells dated 1889. In the church there are crystal drop lampshades of the 17th century from the Boccella collection bought by Paolo Gabrielli.The organ has an inscription written on wood “DOMINICUS MATTEONI LUCENSIS F. A:D:1776”

Famous People
Paolo Gabrielli (1832-1908) architect in Brasil
Adamo Lucchesi (1855-1940) explorer

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