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Bagno San Giovanni is remembered in a parchment of 1307, Domenico Bertini probably built it employed by the Republic of Lucca when rearranging the Thermal Baths.Its name comes from a tradition that the population used to bathe in the waters on the feast day of San Giovanni the 24th of June.It orginally had three small baths, but because of the requests to cure oneself it was enlarged. There was one spring that filled six bath tubs at 38°C/100°F, each bath tub had a name and was for different classes of people: i Cavalieri(knights), i Cittadini(town-dweller), le Donne(women), gli Ebrei(the Jews) and i Servatori(servants). In this period the bath tubs where lined with marble and there was a room to cure the hydropsy patient, with single tubs alongside the large tubs Prof. Bruno Cherubini wrote in his book,“I Bagni di Lucca” that from San Giovanni there is one of the best views of the Lima Valley, it was here that Heine was inspired to write the famous page of Reisebilder. Michel de Montaigne says that this water was type of ointment for the skin and it was mostly used for immersions. The thermal bath of San Giovanni has been recently restored. Christoph Martini on a visit to Tuscany describes the bath like this:

“The fourth thermal bath called San Giovanni in a high and plesant landscape, shaded by high trees, embellished by hedges which makes a nice pathway for walks. This bath is divided into three rooms: one for men, one for women and one for the Jews.”

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