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Circolo dei forestieri

Circolo dei forestieri

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Piazza Jean Varraud, 10
Bagni di Lucca Villa (LU)

Contact number 0583 86038 - 329 7409058

  • Ristorante
  • Parcheggio
  • Giardino

The Circolo dei Forestieri was built in the center of Bagni di Lucca in the middle of the 800’s, because of the tourists that kept arriving, firstly belonging to the french court of Elisa Bonaparte and then to a lot of english tourtists that found Bagni di Lucca an alternative to Lucca, Pisa and Florence. This superb building was built with one large room that occupied two floors. Lots of ceremonies and parties were held here in the 14th century and in this room a young Giacomo Puccini played to earn a few lira. In 1928 the building was reconstructed inside, a first floor and balcony was made looking out over the square. On the first floor the most antique Casino Reale was opened with a roulette under the watchful eye of an amused Galeazzo Ciano (Foreign Minister), accompanied by his wife Edda Mussolini. Until 1960 the square had an entrance gate in Liberty Style and until a few years ago the building was surrounded by eight large plane trees. Because of the restaurant that was opened on the ground floorin 1979 this building was kept opened and restored. Today it’s a symbol of the antique story of Bagni di Lucca and the high society that used it.
For the past 25 years the Circolo dei Forestieri has been a symbol for wedding dinners with its professional service and high level cooking, an elegant environment at competitive prices. For anyone in the future who needs a special meal for any occasion come and visit us. We will offer any future wedding couples a candlelit meal accompanied piano, with no obbligation on your behalf . Come and visit us soon.

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