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SpotlightSocietà Bagni di Lucca Terme J. V. & Hotel a r.l.

At the end of a path of understanding, it was announced officially in Italy Spa and Wellness Fair at the Exhibition Centre of Lucca, which was signed an important agreement between the Company Bagni di Lucca J. V. Rl & Hotels, which operates the baths of Bagni di Lucca, and Prof. Joseph Calvosa, professor and director of the University of Pisa U. O. Orthopedics and Traumatology to Spedali Riuniti Santa Maria Maddalena of Volterra, with his team, provided a study protocol on back pain.
The team, composed by Dr. S. Cozza Director U.O. of Radiology, Dr. M. Tenucci Orthopaedic Surgeon and Dr M.S. Ciardella physiatrist, has defined a specific rehabilitation protocol in a spa - to resolve satisfactorily the issue of final and often low back pain.
“The hot springs of Bagni di Lucca - as explained by the same Calvosa - have for several years a swimming pool with thermal water, bicarbonate and calcium sulfate at 32 ° C to allow for a physiotherapy treatment Crenotherapic reason-functional even with the introduction of ’ anthrotherapy for the presence of a natural cave which held a direct action on pain.
This study will introduce the patient in a rehabilitation program integrated spa “completely customized with the aim of obtaining a lasting well-being on chronic low back pain patients who are treated by this specific rehabilitation program - and especially in a thermal - can go back to quickly to their daily activities. The cycle will last 12 days with modules of 6 days. “

The Therms of Bagni di Lucca have invested heavily in this project and now feel satisfied with this result as it opens new horizons in the company policy for many years directed towards the greatest possible use of their resources.
New plants and new equipment for the Department of Rehabilitation specially designed by Silvia Giannini and will house patients in a well-designed and equipped with latest equipment.
Important investment for the thermal baths of Bagni di Lucca for inclusion in the Company’s specifications for this new professional activities, the work team will be composed of a physiatrist, a rehabilitation therapists and orthopedic specialist in spinal pathologies .

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