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What is Arcus Spa?

The Minister of  the activites and heritage in Febuary 2004 made Arcus a society which helps develop art, culture and show business with a law n.291 passed the 16th Ootober 2003. The money is directly given by the Financial Minister, but is managed by the Minister of the activites and hertiage, for annual projects. Arcus is to help projects by being a actionist and by helping self govering enterprices.The task of Arcus is to  support important projects help conclude the planning stages, help in the organising, the techical aspects, the finance and by monitoring the progress to the end of the project.

The Project for Bagni di Lucca

The project is the restoration of the thermal building “Bagno alla Villa” situated in Bagni di Lucca it is made up of a polygonal plan building, made on two levels, the ground floor and the basement. To get to the basement there is a small entrance from the ground floor with two syone steps down, there are two dome covered rooms witrh antique tubs, these two rooms have a bathroon with a water deposit. The building is covered in wood and has not being in use from the middle of the 19th century. It’s now undergoing reconstruction in a project of the environmental and tourtist board, to bring it to its original activity as a thermal spa.

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